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Student Wellbeing

St Thomas More has one of the most supportive and diverse Student Wellbeing programs available. We have a Schoolwide Positive Behaviours Framework including ‘Play is the Way’ - a play based program that teaches values and important life skills in a fun, engaging way. We also have a student leadership program that supports students to develop important skills that will help them for life. Our School Representative Council (SRC) runs all year, and this allows students to have a voice and help make important decisions for the school. We also have a range of Lunchtime Clubs for students to attend, these are mostly run by school staff however, some of our clubs are student led and run. Every Wednesday our school also hosts Bailey (trained Therapy Dog). Bailey remains in the school office area as a support for students who may be feeling anxious, worried, or as a reward. Students spending time with Bailey are always one or one (with an adult) or in a small supervised group. He is a very popular and calming member of our school community.


Daily Lunchtime Clubs

Each day for half of lunchtime students are invited to participate in a different club. The options include: Gardening, Art and Craft, Relaxation, Music and Dance and Construction. Students are welcome to attend each club or choose between them. They can experience each club as often or as infrequently as they wish, it is that flexible.

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