Student Life

St Thomas More Primary School’s aim is to nurture the whole student beyond the standard curriculum. We strive to provide opportunities of success for all students by providing diverse and robust extracurricular activities.

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Student Wellbeing and Values

St Thomas More has one of the most supportive and diverse Student Wellbeing programs available. We have a Schoolwide Positive Behaviours Framework including Play is the Way and the Berry Street Education Model. We also have a range of programs to develop wellbeing within our school including Seasons for Growth, Empowering Girls (Mpower Girls), Student Representative Council (SRC), Buddy Program, Making the Leap, Lighthouse and the 4 Rs (Respectful Relationships, Rights and Resilience). We run lunch time activities including Dance and Busy Fingers (art activities) and a Garden of Oz which is a special meeting place for students to make friends. We even have a Therapy Dog available once a week. The students adore Bailey the Therapy Dog!

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Child Safety

At St Thomas More we are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for every child. We have taken rigorous steps to ensure Child Safety continues to remain at the forefront of our everyday lives including requiring that:

  • Any staff or visitors that enter our school have read our child safety policies and code of conduct and have undergone child safety checks

  • Our students have a voice in regards to child safety by teaching and encouraging them to be proactive in our child safety practices.

St Thomas More Students Basketball
Wonder in Aliceland

Sports and Extra Curricular Activities

We have an extensive Sports Program including yearly activities such as Hoop Time, Summer and Winter Sports (T20 cricket, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball), Cross Country, Swimming Program and Athletics.We also run numerous additional activities such as the Australian Mathematics Competition, a Maths Family Fun Night (run by AMSI in 2018), Maths on the Move, Literacy Day and Book Week. We encourage all our students to participate in the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Our students have had great success in our School Sports program and have recently made the district level teams!

School Productions, Camps and Excursions

We have designed our School Camps to progressively support students. In Year 2 we have a Fun Night (including dinner, fun games, craft and cooking). In Year 3 and 4 we either have a 2 night excursion to Sovereign Hill or a full day fun excursion. In Year 5 and 6 students either have a 2 night outdoor adventure camp or a 1 night city stay. These alternate every year.

In 2017 we held a production called “Wonder in Aliceland” which involved the participation of all students from P-6 and the support of the local community. In 2018 we presented the amazing talents of our students featuring a variety of art mediums such as Photography, Sculpture and 2D and 3D installations.

Music Program

Weekly Specialists

  • Music and Performing Arts

  • STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths)

  • Visual Arts

  • LOTE Chinese

  • Physical Education

Music Program

  • Guitar and Drums - Jed Rowe

  • Band Instruments - (Position to be filled)

  • Violin - Gita Green

School Garden

School Garden and the Environment

Being nestled in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, St Thomas More encourages an understanding of and care for the environment in which we live. We have a school vegetable garden which will continue to be a strong focus. This is an ongoing project with plans for upgrades and expansions into future.